Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dr. Seuss was no idiot.

Attorney General Eric Holder says

nine Obama appointees in the Justice Department have represented or advocated for terrorist detainees before joining the Justice Department.

But he does not reveal any names beyond the two officials whose work has already been publicly reported. And all the lawyers, according to Holder, are eligible to work on general detainee matters, even if there are specific parts of some cases they cannot be involved in. (Washington Examiner)

So those with a record of supporting and defending terrorists are in charge of helping to protect us from them.

And we can't know who they are. Lord only knows. Transparency.

The real world threat of Islamic Totalitarianism is too scary to deal with. Harshes the buzz, doncha know. So the enlightened left discounts it in favor of made-up threats that pose no risk (eg. global warming) that they label a threat to national security, or they transfer the threat from one person (say Ahmadinnerjacket) on to someone non-threatening ( like George Bush).

This is called displacement. Pat Santy has explained it, here.

One way you can usually tell that psychological displacement is being used is that the emotion being displaced (e.g., anger or fear) is all out of proportion to the reality of the situation. The purpose of displacement is to avoid having to cope with the actual reality. Instead, by using displacement, an individual is able to still experience his or her anger, but it is directed at a less threatening target than the real cause. In this way, the individual does not have to be responsible for the consequences of his/her anger and feels more safe--even thought that is not the case....

Psychological displacement explains the remarkable and sometimes lunatic appeasement of the Islamofascists--not just by the media, but by so many governments and around the world, while they trash the US and particularly Bush. It explains why there is more emphasis on protecting the "rights" of terrorists, rather than holding them accountable for their actions. U.S. and British soldiers in Iraq are being killed--not by the enemy--but by Bush and Blair; not because of the terrorist's agenda and their barbaric behavior. All terrorist activity, in fact, can be blithely dismissed because it is only a re-action to the evil actions guessed it.

Problem is, closing your eyes and pretending that the knife wielding manic you saw coming at you is My Little Pony bringing you flowers and a big fat blunt doesn't work too well.

You just get killed.

Isn't enlightenment fun?!

Keep America Safe
just released this clip about Holder's people. Already the government media heads are spinning, screaming that it's McCarthyism towards the poor, misunderstood Islamic Freedom Fighters:

BTW, McCarthy has been proven correct with research and the release of KGB files after the fall of the Soviet Union. In other words, if it IS McCarthyism, we should be grateful.

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