Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why would Der Messiah hang with someone that makes racial slurs towards him?


Me neither.

And I seem to remember that calling The One Socialist was racist.

It was absurd, fear-mongering, and so wan't "allowed" as even part of the debate.

It was ridiculed as absurd and the public bought it. They just voted for change, his race, or a substitute Jesus, by and large.

But now President Post-Modern's good friend Al Sharpton, the famous low-life race-hustler dedicated to increasing misery for those with a darker skin color to his own enrichment, has this to say:

"I think that the president and Nancy Pelosi get credit," Sharpton said. "I think this began the transforming of the country the way the president had promised. This is what he ran on."

And if that transformation is socialism, then so be it, he explained. That is what the American public "overwhelmingly" voted for. (Newsbusters)

The public SHOULD have known that that was what they were voting for, but with 90 percent of the media not reporting the painfully obvious and mocking the very suggestion as coming from Nazi racist rednecks, that is understandable.

But the real issue here is that does calling Obama a socialist, when we've been told that word is racist code for "nigger", Make Al Sharpton a racist? I mean, racist towards Americans of African descent- we all know he's racist towards white people, koreans and jews. They are approved targets of racial hatred.

But ss he a "self-loathing Uncle Tom"?

I try and try and try to listen to my betters that tell me how to think, but I just get so confused!

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