Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Obama Giving McCain the Middle Finger Flipoff
Obama Middle Finger

The left is up in arms about the spitting that didn't happen, and yet here is the president on the tube, spitting in your eye. Classy.

I think that a lot of the rhetoric has been overheated and overblown and this is what happens in Washington when you have a big debate. Suddenly the passage of this bill is Armageddon. And as I pointed out, the next day after I signed it, I looked around, and no asteroids had hit the planet, no cracks had appeared in the, in the earth. (Newsbusters)

Haven't found a clip yet that doesn't conveniently leave that part out, but if you saw it, he kept laughing and smirking while he talked

Gayle Kesselman
sums it up, at American Thinker:

... instead of being conciliatory and showing some semblance of good sportsmanship in victory, Obama was angry and sarcastic. He made fun of those of us who had been on the opposing side. He said that we had predicted Armageddon and, pointing to the sky, he sneered that he it was a beautiful day and he didn't see any asteroids plunging to earth. It seemed that he wasn't satisfied with a legislative victory. He had to poke his finger in the eyes of the vanquished.
That would be his middle finger.

Never has an administration been so prone to drop the f bomb, but even when they don't, they are still saying it. The One went on TV just to look you in the eye and say "FU."

Like a 10 year old.

But isn't this what is to be expected? Like any totalitarian wannabe, Obama expects that he can change human nature through manipulation of the state apparatus. And when human nature doesn't change in the way he wants it to, he gets angry because things haven't gone his way.

... human beings all have different abilities and talents and you can't change human nature. And that is why totalitarian forms of government, such as socialism, never work. And why they inevitably lead to violence. Because, as more and more mechanisms are added to the state apparatus to try to make everyone equal, the more corrupt society becomes as normal human nature asserts itself. Which then leads to more efforts at control by the state. Finally you have a vicious cycle of attempts by the state to control and change its citizens and rebellion by citizens who will not, because fundamentally they cannot, change.
Robin of Berkeley goes into the psychology of what's happening (she's a licenced therapist):

... When I see what Obama is doing to this country, how he is treating its citizens, I'm reminded of the man who mugged me. I think that both are constitutionally incapable of seeing our humanity. And each day that Obama is in office, he communicates this same deadly message to the masses -- that opponents are not human.
This would explain the burgeoning of hate and even violence towards those who deign to disagree. And why Tea Party members and conservatives are being targeted, as well as entire countries like Israel.

And this would illuminate why Obama is unfazed while the economy crashes. And why he cavalierly demonizes Israel, putting millions of Israelis at risk. And it explains why Obama mocks conservatives who are legitimately worried about this administration's violating fundamental rights.

She goes through what is known about his brutal childhood and concludes:

Who mirrored Obama's humanity back to him? Who looked into the young Barry's eyes and reflected back the man he was meant to be? Who honored and cherished the human being inside?

I'll tell you who -- no one. His family groomed him and sculpted him. They projected onto him who they wanted him to be. In later years, other egotistical father figures, like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, scripted his Messiah-like role.

But was there someone who loved and honored Obama for who he was? No....

From what I have seen this last year, Obama shows no ability to walk in another person's shoes. This would require empathy and sensitivity, traits that are nowhere to be found.

The perfect Totalitarian Marxist. No wonder Ayers and the rest of the Marxist left groomed and picked him for the job. He can't see our humanity, only his goal and his own face.

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