Monday, March 29, 2010

No. I'll NEVER get tire of reposting this image. Still don't know where it originally came from though...


He's not the first, but he's the most effective at working to destroy this fundamental building block of our Constitution.

He's been very clear that any opposition to his will can not be tolerated, as he believes that his will is the "will of the people."

On Obamacare, with a majority of the population against it, he rammed it through, explaining that "the will of the people" must prevail.

With his 15 recess appointments, including an Acorn ally and SEIU thug, that believes in card check to eliminate the secret ballot for unionizing, he said he had to act because:
I must act in the interest of the American people and exercise my authority... (Fox)
No word on the workers who will be denied the secret ballot and be open to intimidation and threats. They hate America anyhow.

Because, you know, opposition to a "fundamentally transformed" totalitarian marxist state is not part of the "will of the American people."

Peter Wilson:

If one branch of government is in unanimous opposition, only a very arrogant President would continue to believe that "quick and decisive action must be taken." The President who truly believes that his usurping power is good for the country is more frightening than a corrupt one.

Quoting Jay Wexler:

The framers of our Constitution created three branches of government to check and balance each other because they were terrified of concentrated power. Nothing risked tyranny more, figured these wise men, than the prospect of a single institution or person - say, a king - that could exercise unchecked authority.
But can you blame him? He has encouraged himself, and he revels in his image in the MSM, as an omnipotent deity, and half of the nation embraced that. He's only being the God he was asked to be by the babies that just want to chill and bask in his glory, hangin' out, waiting for their bottle.

It's fine to be totally controlled by a person who is without flaws and without self interest who is smart enough to know exactly what each person's need and abilities are and who distributes other people's money fairly and completely.

He MUST be a deity! That's why Mao, Lenin and Pol Pot encouraged the same cult of worship.
No one but a God can control so much. It also explains their opposition to Christianity. Gotta eliminate the competition!
His will is your will and if you oppose that you hate America. And of course, you're a racist.

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