Monday, March 22, 2010


Supposed pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak has been going on for weeks about his absolute commitment to stop the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions with Obama "care."

He was widely praised for his principled stance. He hung tough.

Until he sold his soul. Not only that, but he publicly bitched out Republicans for pushing the amendment bearing his name. Well, as every post-modern intellectual knows, there IS no such thing as the truth. It's only what you say it is and it changes with your whims.

But that's not the worst. Someone from the republican side shouted "baby killer" at him during the debate!

The outrage is huge. We can't have people going around telling the truth! It would be like calling a mass murderer a mass murderer instead of a "funeral service materials provider".

Politico has the story and calls speaking the truth "ugly rhetoric."

Bawney Fwank:

...the "baby killer" shout showed the close alignment between the GOP and some of its most extreme allies in the health care fight.

"The difference between some of the Republicans and some of their raucous followers appears to be, unfortunately, diminishing," Frank said. "Obviously, that's not the whole party, but there's a disturbing tendency to forget about civility."

But of course calling tea party protesters stupid, un-American, nazis, rednecks and racists, stealing money, stealing the future from our children and sucking others out of the womb and killing them because a condom was too inconvenient to use....all of that is civil.

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