Thursday, March 25, 2010


From Big Hollwood comes this quote from actress Zoe Saldana:

... ethnic is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. In Hollywood, you hear things like, “Oh, they loved you but they want to go more traditional.” That’s the new word. So when [someone says] I look “dark,” I say, “Dark compared to whom? This is just my skin.”
John Nolte comments:

...the left runs Hollywood and the left is unnaturally obsessed with race. Long after normal people in this country achieved actual colorblindness and started seeing each other only as fellow Americans and human beings, the left still can’t let it go.

Without even thinking about it, good people focus on what we share in common with those around us. And if there are differences between us, they have nothing to do with something as shallow as skin color or ethnicity.

But by balkanizing America into competing groups, convincing them that they are all eternal victims and playing the near irresistable siren song of no personal responsibility, they keep the population divided.

What better way to control them? Divide and conquer.

E Pluribus Unum means "out of many, one." But in the upside down, anti-American world of the left it has been changed to "out of one, many."

Without keeping people separate and competing for State nanny care to remedy their "powerlessness," the left would crumble. Can't have that.

Racism works for them.

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