Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whether its child sex slaves, members of congress or the American people...he's keepin' those bitches in LINE!


The One restored the flow of YOUR money to a group that, among so many other criminal activities, helped to set up a child sex slave trade:

In a March 16 memo Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Peter Orszag quietly ordered federal agencies to resume funding the group whose employees were caught on hidden camera videos last year condoning a variety of crimes including child prostitution and tax evasion.
(Big Government).

Oh. And they've also dropped the federal investigation into the criminal organization that is so near and dear to what passes for his heart.

As long as they support The Glorious Revolution, they can do anything they want. The law, process, the Constitution? Un-important details.

All that matters to him is the creation of a Totalitarian State.

Because he cares about you....well, except of the little kids being used as sex slaves....

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