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David White
has some good advice, beginning with the words of George Washington:
America, tread carefully - or we may find by our own unhappy experience that there is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of Tyranny, and that arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty abused to licentiousness...
[George Washington to John Hancock -11 June 1783]

I know you are angry America, but hold it together. Beware the next step. If we let ourselves become driven into violence, we do so at our own peril. Anarchy is not a long lived state, and the more comfortable and prosperous and nation is (and America ranks first in the history of civilizations) , the faster the adoption of a dictator to "restore order" and "provide security". Think of those of your friends and neighbors who are oblivious to what is happening right now, and if they do have an inkling will incorrectly diagnose the cause. How long would they stand a disruption of society, of their children being endangered, of their businesses and fortunes being lost...before they would willingly adopt a tyrant.

Beware the days ahead, you'll be driven to more anger. Amnesty is on the horizon Other attacks on your liberty are on the horizon. They will try to shut you up and shut you down. You will be painted as extremists, called names, beaten down. Those in power now, think that if they rattle the cage hard enough, something is bound to break loose. But stand down, there is a revolution coming...the bloodless revolution of November.

The problem is, that the next push will be amnesty for illegal aliens and giving the vote to convicted felons.

With that, they will have a permanent hold on power.

It's dire. But the words "now is the time for all good men to come to the defense of their country" have never been more true. Stand firm. Be strong.

Beware not grow complacent. I know you are discouraged, but now is not the time to go back to sleep. It is a time to once again try to awaken your friends and neighbors. Their country is on fire and there is an arsonist loose. Consider these words...I hope they haunt you.

"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."
[Winston Churchill]

Beware America...tread carefully now. The modus operandi of those in power is "Never let a crisis go to waste". They are not constrained by conscience, and so have no qualm in manufacturing the next crisis. Their prospects for November are bleak (I'm sure they have read the tea leaves, just as you), they have nothing to lose...and those with nothing to lose are the most dangerous.

Doctor Zero has similar thoughts.

There are a lot of ideas out there as to our way forward to restoring the Constitution and preventing the Totalitarian Marxist take-over that is near complete. Here's my two cents:

1. The lies of the left have become more and more blatant and absurd. Point them out and expose them with the facts. It's never been more easy.

2. Capitalize on their over-confidence. They are dropping the mask. Senators and pundits are increasingly saying, "yeah, we're socialists. And we're going for it." Publicize that, while juxtaposing those words with their words of a year ago when calling them what they are was described as nutty conspiracy theories and racist.

3. Read and know Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Over decades, it's ideas have been made part of the culture through the media and the schools. They have been very effective. And while some tactics are beyond the pale of what decent people can embrace, others we might want to adopt.

Ridicule is one of them. I mean, really, the words and actions of the left have become so absurd and divorced from reality that it isn't hard to do. More importantly, make it good-natured ridicule. PEOPLE LOVE TO LAUGH, and when laughing, reality has an open door.

4. In the upcoming amnesty fight, I think we should repeat two ideas as ideas that the made this nation the great one that it is: Immigration and the rule of law. We are a nation of immigrants and we should embrace those who come here seeking freedom. The average immigrant appreciates what America stands for much more than the coddled, entitled babies that have been here for so long that they have forgotten what has given them what they have. Legal immigrants are our strength. But at the same time, emphasize that part of the reason they so love this country is because of its Constitution and the rule of law. Destroying that by rewarding the disregard for law, in fact enshrining the disregard for law, is to destroy what immigrants have always come here for.

The narrative of the left is that the Constitutionalists hate immigrants. Take the narrative back.

On a non-political level, maybe some of us should think more of volunteering to teach legal immigrants English and what our system of government is. They are the great strength of our nation and some of our most committed advocates. I see this in my own, leftist soaked neighborhood. The businesses I most frequent are run by immigrants who are light years more patriotic than those of the bitter, hateful un-american hip Marxists all around. And they are nicer people. Go figure.

Above all, make no mistake. The voter fraud of The One's co-workers ACORN and paid votes to the homeless and the criminal helped bring him into office. It worked. The next step is giving the vote to illegal immigrants with no respect for the law and convicted felons to allow them to vote for people that feel the same way as they do.

They do that and it's over. The Marxist revolution will be permanent.

Sacrifice. Do what you can. Don't shut up. And above all, don't let them goad you into violence.

What did George Washington do when every reasonable person just KNEW the American Revolution was lost? He crossed the Delaware in the dead of winter with a few starving, frost bitten men and kicked some ass.

We don't need to use guns, as he did. We still have enough power and there is still enough of America that loves freedom and hates tyranny. We have to expose those destroying our nation for what and who they are while communicating the real alternative, a return to our roots, as the best way to help the most people bring themselves the most happiness. It's nothing less than kindness and compassion.

We owe all that have died for that who have given us what we have, what people all over the world come her for, and we owe that to our children.

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