Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bringin' it on to America....because I wuv you! (via ROFL Razzi)


Well, not to the left. There ARE no enemies for them. Just friends we haven't met.

Call it the Barney the Dinosaur school of war.

A federal district judge in D.C. has ordered the release of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a suspected Al-Qaeda point man once called "the highest value detainee" at Guantánamo Bay. (NRO)

This is why trying prisoners of war in civilian courts that are so often packed with old, deluded hippies who's minds are addled by all that acid during the summer of love doesn't work so well.

"You tried to kill us? Well, let me show you how kind we are. You are free to go. We are sure that our kindness will turn you towards friendship and then we can all do yoga together and talk about our feelings!"

The two pronged attack on America from the left is working beautifully. Encourage our destruction from without, while destroying our nation from within.

I distinctly remember being happy years ago when I realized that it would be near impossible to defeat the Glorious Revolution I had dedicated my life to, when we were attacking from so many positions simultaneously: the media, education, government. I thought it was brilliant. Now they have added the support of those sworn to bring us to our knees from outside the nation, all the while pretending to be against them.

It's spreading cancer, and we need some chemo. It's an agressive treatment, giving no quarter but it is all that will work.

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