Monday, March 22, 2010


We have a moral obligation not to allow the the sacrifice of countless lives that have brought us the greatest nation on earth to have been in vain.

This is NOT the end. We will NOT shut up. We will fight.

Michelle Malkin outlines some of what is planned.

Gay Patriot
puts it in perspective:

never before has an entitlement been passed in the manner this one has,* with myriad backroom deals, strong popular disapproval and an organized and energetic grassroots opposition. “Never before in American history has a measure of such importance been imposed on the country by the majority party over the unanimous opposition of the minority.

It's a different thing.

And The Heritage Foundation is committed:

On a personal level I will no longer shut up to keep the peace in social situations.

I live in a leftist enclave of lunacy. People hang and party, living in the water of their assumptions. In conversation it is an assumption that everyone knows the right is racist. Everyone knows the right hates the poor. Everyone knows that they are the good people fighting the evil people who foolishly believe in the Constitution. But they don't put it that way.
They see their destruction of a America as the belief in American. This is the water they swim in, regardless of what they are talking about. It is so deeply embedded that they can't see it.

When someone speaks from the air of freedom, instead of from their watery environment of tyranny, when these assumptions come to play, they are considered to be making waves and disturbing the peace and good time of all.

I don't like to do that. I like a good time. I like people to be happy and smiling.

But I won't shut up any longer in the name of tranquility.

Their happy smiling faces mask their burning hatred for all that's good and decent and I'm going to do all I can to rip it off and show it to them for what it is. Is it kindness to stand by and support someone's self-destructive delusion? It's like watching a suicide and not intervening because you don't want to upset them. That's not kind. That's hurtful.

The challenge will be to remain calm and rational, and not get caught up in the hateful tantrums that ensue when the pacey is taken out of baby's mouth.

The challenge will be to remember that we are acting out of LOVE, and so meeting their hatred with hate is counter-productive.

And for me, I'll need to remember that they are exactly who I was a decade ago, that I changed and that I have always thought I meant well, even as I worked hard to bring about the greatest of evils.

Stand firm, love them while telling the truth and fight until your dying breath.

...ok....I'm having a hard time living up to the "love your enemies" part, but I'm trying my best (which is maybe not very good). At least I no longer believe that to have ideals that are difficult to live up to and to which I often fail are ideals to be abandoned. When I was a community organizer I called that "hypocrisy" and just chucked 'em- that way I was what I thought to be "pure" .... otherwise known in the real world as "wallowing in filth".

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