Friday, March 26, 2010


Victimhood is a beautiful thing. I've seen gay people time and time again, act like hateful jerks and when they're called out on it they cry, "homophobe!" You can do or say anything you want, no matter how reprehensible and you always have a pass! Someone disagrees with you? "Homophobe!" Talk about seductive!

And the really sick part is that these clowns think they are engaging in "gay pride" by doing so.

Thank GOD not all same-sex loving people are so pathetically deluded!

B. Daniel Blatt at Gay Patriot calls out Barney Frank's whimpering that someone called him a fag:

You ... are so ready to lash out at Republicans, calling them racists, “homophobes” or just plain deluded men suffering from an unnamed psychological disorder. It fits your narrative to discredit the Tea Parties as harboring racists and gay-baiters. You need to see conservatives as hateful troglodytes so you can more readily dismiss our concerns. And ignore our arguments.

And where's the proof? He points out that there was a:

...superabundance of video cameras at the Tea Party protest outside the Capitol, including two men in the Democrats’ procession “carrying video cameras and holding them above the crowd
But mysteriously, nothing was caught. Maybe there Nazi ghosts were around trying to manifest and they drained the batteries?

Andrew Breitbart has offered to donate 10,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can find any evidence.

So far the only sound is that of crickets chirping. Well that and the MSM's spit-flyng screeching and foaming at the mouth.

Someone get those people at CBS, MSNBC and the NYTimes a spittle cup!

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