Sunday, March 28, 2010

We are here to help. We are very well educated. We know what you need. Be quiet. Let us help you.


...or, Reason # 6,684 Why You Should Trust Your Plumber Over a PhD.

I got my degree. I got me some book learning. I learned to be a complete and absolute idiot divorced from any kind of rational vision of reality.

I know it's easy for me to say, but I would never, EVER send my kids to a public school. And as for college, I would do a whole lotta research into them. With all the problems I have with some place like....say....Oral Roberts University, your kids would STILL would get a better education, be less damaged and would most likely not graduate with a thirst for destruction.

Andrew Melton at Big Government survived Columbia University with his mind miraculously intact:

Big Government would not exist were it not given sanction by the people. Those who continue to support it have been duped in large part as a direct or indirect result of the ideological subversion of our academic institutions. The leaders in all fields of our society were raised in the politically correct, militantly liberal academy, and so it is only natural that the influence of socialist ideas has infected every aspect of our culture. In so doing, academia has produced leaders that undermine our society rather than helping it to flourish. the 21st century, the speakers at Columbia and across academia held up as the leaders of our society are community organizers and champions of “social justice,” rather than entrepreneurs, innovators, risk takers, life savers and others that produce things that really help society progress. As a result of our perverted value system, the thinkers and the doers are subordinated to the political activists. Hence the election of our Community Organizer in Chief.

And yet ironically, it is the activist community organizers who are the community destroyers...

In sum, they attack the free market and individual liberty and as a result punish their communities with bankruptcy and decay...

That there has been such a great proliferation of groups in the social justice movement, and that the social justice narrative has become such an indelible part of modern American culture is a testament to the infiltration and indoctrination of the socialists in academia and especially high academia. Those taught at our country’s top universities are met with a constant barrage of in-your-face moral relativism and socialist propaganda, and given that this has been going on for multiple generations, though dressed up more clandestinely today, a disproportionate percentage of leaders in politics, business, media and the arts have caught the socialist bug to varying degrees.

Since relativism deems there to be no absolute truths, it has allowed the purveyors of ideological putridity to completely pervert our values so that justice becomes injustice, progress becomes regress, freedom becomes tyranny and right becomes wrong. You see this in the titling of almost every single bill put up by Democrats in Congress. Without any objective truth, you can cloak the most nefarious things in the nicest of language.

Oh heck, I'm quoting too much again. Read the whole thing. I think its important because it's a glimpse inside the institutions that have worked so hard to destroy America and that have so deeply ingrained their lunacy into our culture that it's deranged assumptions are necessarily the STARTING POINT for anyone that has been fed their big, sloppy, bull-shit samich.

It's the water they swim it. They don't see it.

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