Tuesday, March 30, 2010


News Real Blog:

...The new South Park parallels something the current generation of students in college deals with regularly: professors stretching their texts to support their own worldview....

They children have to read Catcher in the Rye

... After reading and not being able to figure out why it was suppressed in the first place, they write their own book to show everyone what should actually get banned. It was titled “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.”

Once people began to read this “novel” they started to look into it too deeply, pulling meaning from the over-the-top obscenity... readers of “McBoogerballs” got into heated arguments over the book’s stance on abortion as well as health care reform. It was written with no intention other than being gross, however, that didn’t stop people from pulling from it what they wanted.

Hilarity ensues. The author goes on to recount his experiences in higher...um..."education" which perfectly align with my experience:

I recently took a graduate course where we had to write a 1,000 word response to the racial issues raised in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (I’m not making this up!) Of course, the film does deal with race but in a shallow and lighthearted manner. It is certainly not worth deconstructing on any level....

As an undergraduate, I took an English class on Chaucer in which we had to read The Canterbury Tales. My professor would go on and on about how The Wife of Bath character is like Sarah Palin. He said that her “cockamamie” way of talking lines up perfectly with Palin. While he was at it, he also asserted that Palin was likely a whore. It was a wasted lecture and a prime example of the type of indoctrination professors get away with today. Shortly after that lecture he began wearing “Obama ‘08” pins and constantly reminded us to vote in the upcoming election. Before class he engaged in political discussions with another student referring to Palin as “Sarah Stalin,” which makes absolutely no sense....

From my experience, in a supposedly conservative bent, religious affiliated school, no less, this is the NORM, not the exception.

Education is dead. Indoctrination is the thing now.

In my community organizing days, I remember having gleeful discussions with my comrades about the fact that the forces fighting our revolution would inevitably loose because we were attacking from so many fronts at once- the media, schools, pop culture and politics. It was a forgone conclusion that we would win.

It isn't an accident. They are at war with the very foundation that puts them in their ivory towers. Cutting off their feet to achieve the dream of being floating heads.

So yet another reason to trust a someone on a construction crew over ANYONE with a PhD.

They are whole people, not chopped up, disembodies parts playing God.

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