Friday, March 19, 2010



Point out anything that's not pretty and easy nowadays and what to you hear?
"You're so negative!" What everyone wants is sunshine. I know I sure do.

But a funny thing about shows the dirt. If you think seeing dirt is being "negative" you are walking around, saying you love the light with your eyes closed. That's called darkness and delusion. It's.....NEGATIVE.

When the goal of your life it to feel good ALL the time and maintain your "spiritual, not religious" buzz at all costs, all that happens is that you slog through the mud with your eyes closed. Pretty soon you're covered in filth, but you don't see it're not negative! The sewer you swim in is invisible to you.

It's like drowning rats desperately clinging to a piece of wood that never see the land because it's made of dirt.

Better to live in the dis-embodied "nirvana" of constant virtual entertainment and the delusion of your disconnection with the "dirt" that is part and parcel of the fact of human existence.

Is it any wonder that so many have chosen to buy into the plans of evil men when they promise constant pleasure, the buzz of feeling oneself to be an enlightened being and having everything you want without getting your hands dirty?

Getting dirty is so NEGATIVE. Dealing with the dirt that exists is so NEGATIVE.

Better to do some more yoga, pat yourself on the back and walk around with your eyes closed.

After all, the sunshine only shines within YOU. There is nothing else but YOU and your FEELINGS. If it's shine was directed outward you might see and have to deal with what might make you feel un-comfortable. Disembodied, self-satisfied, comfortable hugging of oneself has become the new American dream for half of the population.

And that's not life. That's death. And darkness.

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