Thursday, June 29, 2006

I spent the evening last night having pizza with a group of old friends I hadn't seen in a long time.
They are all very fine and wonderful people. They are mostly intellectual lefties, as was I, and they couldn't help but express shock and horror over my political awakening since we last met. I thought it best to avoid politics, but they couldn't resist a rousing chorus of tired cliched left-wing preaching before the evening was over, God bless them. I used to love doing that!

Why couldn't I remain an elitist guilt-ridden crypto-commie any longer? Because the evidence of my experience finally overcame the indoctrination that I received in college. I could no longer believe:

1. that every culture is valuable.....except for our own.

2. that evil doesn't exist. If people would just be a little more loving and understanding of, say, Charles Manson, his TRUE inner light would shine!

3. that Christians don't just DO evil sometimes, they ARE evil. The conflict with liberal law number 2, above, doesn't seem to matter and of course the non-religious Liberal Religion could NEVER, ever do evil! Not with those big new-age quartz crystal..uh... root-chakra stimulators firmly in place!

4. that police officers are all evil hateful people that we would be a lot better off without.

5. that there are two standards for acceptable social behavior. One for black people and one for white people. And if you dare talk about racial issues from any place other than on your face in the dirt begging to be forgiven for being such an evil cracker, you are a racist!

6. that as long as youve been granted official "victim status" by the priesthood of the non-religious Liberal Religion, you never have to take responsibility for anything in your life. Anything not the way you like? It's because the MAN is keeping you down! It's not your fault!

7. Speaking of men, they all need to be more like women. Testosterone is a poison that must be eliminated.

8. that free speech is only for bitter, black wearing, jaded communist/anarchist cool people who are smarter than you.

9. that a university is for indoctrination by socialists bent on the destruction of western culture, not education. Viva la revolution! (boy, if you haven't read The Professors yet, git yer butt to the library or amazon and prepare to be horrified!)

10. that laws are mere suggestions and that boundries are evil.

11. that "self-actualization" is the number one goal of life, no matter who you neglect or crap on. As long as you're "comfortable" and evolving a great spiritual buzz, that's all that matters.

12. that if our country isn't perfect, it is totally evil and must be destroyed.

13. that it's just fine to look down on and hate "stupid rednecks" "corporate jerks" and other stereotypes that have been approved for hatred by the non-religious Liberal Religion while you enjoy the social environment that they have created and leach off of what they have built. Tape worms are fine too.

and finally.....

14. that if we just close our eyes, join hands and sing Kumbyah, no one will ever want to hurt anybody else and we will all live in peace.
Rapists and muggers will magically turn into huggers.

That's for starters.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Being a guy who is a Republican and an artist and is into other guys, I figure I have enough of a unique perspective to not bore the livin' crap out of people. Hopefully. Another thing is that I can't resist the opportunity to exercize my big, opinioned mouth, so here goes... Please don't hate me for being so damn insightful and intelligent. I cain't help it if I got me some book-learnin'!