Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They didn't give up when all seemed lost. Will you allow hem to have died in vain?


...before her total destruction.

Obamacare has cynically been constructed so that the pain will not be felt until after November.They may be evil and deluded but they are not stupid. The line will be, "See? It was all just Republican fear-mongering. Everything is fine." Sorta like shooting heroin. Everything is fine. It's only later that the pain is felt.

Thomas Sowell
, tell us what we're up against:

With politicians now having not only access to our most confidential records, and having the power of granting or withholding medical care needed to sustain ourselves or our loved ones, how many people will be bold enough to criticize our public servants, who will in fact have become our public masters? ...

Bow or die.
Too many critics of the Obama administration have assumed that its arrogant disregard of the voting public will spell political suicide for Congressional Democrats and for the President himself. But that is far from certain...

The ruthless and corrupt way this bill was forced through Congress on a party-line vote, and in defiance of public opinion, provides a road map for how other "historic" changes can be imposed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

What will it matter if Obama's current approval rating is below 50 percent among the current voting public, if he can ram through new legislation to create millions of new voters by granting citizenship to illegal immigrants? That can be enough to make him a two-term President, who can appoint enough Supreme Court justices to rubber-stamp further extensions of his power.

When all these newly minted citizens are rounded up on election night by ethnic organization activists and labor union supporters of the administration, that may be enough to salvage the Democrats' control of Congress as well.

This is why the immigration fight is coming on the tails of the government take-over or our economy and the destruction of our republic.

Making those who have illegally entered the country citizens is the next step and it's a step that must be stopped.

Roll up your sleeves.

John Hawkins what he believes to be five key points in this fight:

1) Fight the Democrats on Reconciliation.
2) Challenge the bill in court.
3) Win the public relations war.
4) The Republican Party has to win big in the next two elections.
5) Repeal, replace, and refuse to fund.

He goes on
to explain these.

Side note: I am reading Thomas Sowell's incredible book, "Intellectuals and Society" that repeatedly outlines the clever illogic used by the left. I highly recommend it. Mr. Sowell has a gift of conciseness and effortless shit shoveling to reveal the truth. Know your enemy is the first rule. Their twisted arguments and strategies and purposely constructed so as to make debate very difficult, leaving the way wide open to use Saul Alinsky's strategies of personal attack and ridicule.

Check it.

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