Monday, March 22, 2010

Yet another pro-slavery racist: Alphonzo Rachel. Haven't checked him? For shame. Here.


Have I said this before? I think I have, but oh well. It's true. Hell is full and the dead walk the earth. From the NYTimes:

Think about what it means to condemn health reform by comparing it to the Civil Rights Act. Who in modern America would say that L.B.J. did the wrong thing by pushing for racial equality?

Of course, if anyone cares to look it up, the DEMOCRATS unflinchingly opposed the end of slavery and opposed civil rights. But demonstrable, factual truth is so old-fashioned. We're full of change now! History, shmistory! You know what the opponents of Obama"care" were motivated by?

It was racial hate-mongering...

Anyone who does not want to be a slave to The State is pro-slavery and hates and fears the black man.

Other astute comments from the compassionate, intellectual author of the oped:

adfbgiggffQ! dmfsdfsdfsdfd. dsflsdfldu? asdfdsfusdbcs bci!!

You can't make any sense of that? Um.....did you go to college? Didn't think so.

Dumb, racist redneck.

Oh. BTW. That link again of the American black man being chased out of a crowd of racist Tea Partiers is here.

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