Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The more they attack Fox and the handful of talk radio programs that don't adhere to the government line and are not sufficiently worshipful, the more popular Fox gets.

Meanwhile, CNN and The Times are going down the toilet.

The numbers are HUGE. Check it out: American Thinker has the stats.

It explains the new calls for the "fairness" doctrine. The far left radio network, Air America, after debuting to much fanfare and promotion in the rest of the MSM, crashed and burned.

No one wanted to listen to it. No one was prevented from listening to it.

But that's not good enough. They are working on taking money away from successful stations to create government approved stations. It's not fair that no one wants what they're selling. So, like everything else, they have to steal and cram it down our throats.

On top of that, there are increasing calls for the government to use your money to bail out these failing propaganda organs.

If the press remains free, and people read and watch what they want, they tell us, the free press is in danger of dying!

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