Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Funny how things work. I caught the tail end of The Blob on TCM this morning and suddenly I realized I was watching what is happening right now. Amazing.

The blob slowly crept long, sucking in and assimilating everything in its path. Just like the Statists have. The blob of the Federal government has slowly but surely been creeping along, taking away freedom and power from the individual states and from the people. It threatens to become all-encompassing.

The blog sucks everything into itself. But what kills it? CO2. The gas that we all exhale!

No wonder the left is so up in arms and the EPA has declared it a pollutant to be regulated! CO2 is the enemy! lol.

Love it. LOVE IT! LOL.

Not the only movie that seems up-to-date.

Watched "Born Yesterday" a little while ago.

Its about a ditsy blond being kept by a corrupt tyrannical business man in bed with crooked congressmen in Washington. He hires a guy to "teach her some couth" so he won't be so embarrassed by her stupidity. Her teacher gives her Thomas Paine, Shows her our founding documents and when she visits the Jefferson memorial with him, she reads the words that stick with her all through the rest of the movie:

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every from of tyranny over the mind of man."

When her man slaps the crap outa her for gettin outa line, she finally gets it. She tells him to go to hell.

She was an un-educated woman that, in his own words, "he pulled from the gutter" where she lived in poverty.

But smart or not, the words of our founders resonated in her heart as the truth.

The Tea Partiers are disparaged by the "intellectual" left as stupid rednecks.

I beg to differ, but even the most un-educated of Americans, when exposed to the plain and simple truths that built this Nation, know them for what they are, value them and fight to have the freedom they promise.

We are being bitch slapped for gettin outa line right now and it's waking people up to the truth.

God bless America!

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