Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hmmm. I must be psychically connected n' all new-agey today or something. And THIS, after I donated my yoga mat to Haiti! I have awesome powers!

After referencing Alice in Wonderland below, I turned to one of my favorite bloggers at American Thinker, Robin of Berkeley, so see what she was up to. Alice in wonderland:
In our Alice in Wonderland world, crazy people are normal, flag-wavers are traitors, and the Pope hurts Jesus. And in a truly freak-show moment, a liberal commentator cajoles Obama to get even more gansta.

(Am I the only one out there thinking that the Left, with its combustible brew of domestic terrorists and communists, doesn't need to be any more mafiosi?)

Demonizing enemies, cracking down on opponents -- these are methods endemic to third-world despotisms. But the Left embrace these lowdown tactics because they see their cause as sacrosanct. Sitting at the left hand of God (right next to Jesus?), they're allowed to usurp common decency.

The Left also cleanse their collective conscience by projecting aggression outward. They never are the mean ones, the evildoers. Sanitizing their vicious deeds, the Left dump all the badness on the other.

Regardless of the Left's topsy-turvy version of reality, the way to be a decent human being is fairly straightforward. If you act in an honorable, caring way, you're good. If you throw your weight around, abuse your power, and whip up paranoia, you're bad.

There's a story about a man who teaches his grandson the following: that every person has a good and a bad wolf inside him, battling for control. The good wolf is compassionate, moral, and principled. The bad wolf is selfish, violent, and mean.

The little boy asks, "Which wolf wins?"

The wise grandpa answers, "The one that you feed."

With every cry of Nazi or racist, with every gleeful joke about Cheney's or Limbaugh's heart problems, the Left feeds the bad wolf.

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