Wednesday, March 03, 2010

(Racist document with the weapon of choice used by rabid, hateful tea partiers to bludgeon any black man that dares show his face...well, except all those that are speakers, attend the rallies or write and speak in support of their sick manifesto, The Constitution of The United States. But all the others? Whap whap whap on the haid! When, oh WHEN will the violence end!)


That's funny. I thought it was a foundational part of The Constitution.

Silly me.

In other news.....

Believing in free speech is racist.

Believing in freedom of religion (as opposed to freedom from religion) is racist.

Believing in the right to keep the fruits of your labor is racist.

Believing in the right to bear arms is racist.

Believing in the separation of powers is racist.

And finally, believing in liberty over tyranny is racist.

If you want to heal your hateful, hateful heart, I would suggest you take up The Communist Manifesto so that you can learn to stop keeping the black man down.


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