Saturday, March 13, 2010


Because to criticize people bent on killing you might get you hurt.

Better to displace that fear onto a non-threatening object, so that you can still feel the very real outrage and fear but put it onto something safe. Dr. Sanity explains, here.
Displacement - separation of emotion from its real object and redirection of the intense emotion toward someone or something that is less offensive or threatening in order to avoid dealing directly with what is frightening or threatening (EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE)

That way you can feel morally superior but avoid consequences that might hassle your buzz.

From American Thinker:
The Obama administration has completely lost it. They are engaged in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Here we are, months away from Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and potentially starting a nuclear war and what the administration is complaining about is Israel building apartment blocks in Jerusalem which would supposedly jeopardize the peace process.

Self-rightous babies run things.

People die.

But at least they still feel good about themselves and THEMSELVES is all that matters.

Its why they say the CARE so often, while ignoring the real-world results of their "caring."

Me, me, me.

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