Saturday, March 13, 2010

For a truly sophisticated cup of coffee, guaranteed to please discerning palates, the coffee must be brewed using the proper temperature and the proper fuel.


...and the MSM is all over it, of course.

It's top-down, fake grass-roots "protest" by loyal Obamunista comrades bent on giving the illusion that the majority is in favor of trashing the Constitution and installing a Marxist State, just like they are.

Gol! I b'lieve it! They're all down with the people n' stuff! Sure they mock and snicker at me, but I'm at LEAST smart enough to know that they know better 'n me and only want to help! Even if they have to lie and play me like a violin to do it.

To be be a good American is to hate America. And to hate America is to love it.

Just watch CNN, CNBC, etc. if you don't believe me.

Whataya, stupid?

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