Friday, March 05, 2010

"I'm famous, I'm pretty and I'm destroying a whole freakin country! Damn, I just wanna jump back and KISS myself! Woo!"


I despise what he is doing to what is left of America, but still, I'm starting to feel embarrassed for him.

Seems his number one desire is to be on TV. Over-exposure doesn't begin to cover it. He makes Narcissus look like a rank amateur!

Here's his next performance, for all of you that have been sitting on the edge of your seats:

President Barack Obama is going to help TV's "America's Most Wanted" mark the milestone broadcast of its 1,000th episode.

Obama will be interviewed by the show's host, John Walsh, on the episode airing 9 p.m. EST Saturday on Fox. (Yahoo)

You know, I would actually watch it if His Glorious One-ness were the criminal being called to justice, as he should be.

But no, he'll just be blathering on and on, safe in the knowledge that Cloward/Piven is moving apace.

(BTW- an even funnier thing about that photo is that it was released by the White House!)

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