Sunday, March 14, 2010


Wull GARSH! I better jes hush mah mouth and listen!
James Lewis looked at this and comes to the conclusion that
The National Geographic headline is ... characteristically absurd, but it's also typical of the cultural Left today -- and of its hopeless cravings to validate itself as being smarter, better-educated, and of course, more compassionate than those conservative throwbacks to a brute past. Somehow the Left always needs to boast, and like any other compulsive boaster, it is compensating for its own feelings of inferiority. I suspect that that's the real inner nature of the Left: Most of its followers worry about their personal adequacy in life.
And somehow liberals never get to the most obvious question, which is: Why has the Left ended up killing 100 million people in the 20th century, according to French Marxist historian Courtois and his team?

So what have we learned from our betters, children?

That mass murder is smart.

Mr. Lewis concludes:
High-IQ dummies are all over the place, and people who are totally mind-fixed after graduating from the most famous schools have their fingerprints all over great disasters of history. Alexander the mass-murderer brought Aristotle along on his murderous campaign to India. Plato traveled to counsel the Tyrant of Syracuse (in ancient Sicily) and ended up -- suprise, surprise! -- making a mess of things. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a truly evil human being in his personal life -- having babies with his mistresses to be thrown away or left at orphanages -- and inspired two centuries of destructive Leftist myth-making.
High IQ is no guarantee of goodness. It's not even a guarantee of common sense, or of genuine intelligence outside a few limited parts of life. It's no protection against evil.

But then again, in 2010 we are being taught that evil is good and good is evil.

At least if you're smart.

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