Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hint: no amount of lumps of sugar will make the fake coffee palatable.

So how did the second day of the fake astroturf coffee klatch "movement" go vs. the tea partiers?

In Missouri, from Gateway Pundit:


On Wednesday morning, 2,225 patriots turned out at the “Kill the Bill” rally in St. Charles, Missouri. They were expecting 600…… But, 2,225 turned out.

On Wednesday night, 2,300 patriots turned out to protest Barack Obama, the Carnahans, and liberal Senator Claire McCaskill at their fundraiser in downtown St. Louis.


Today, local (St. Louis) liberals held their second Coffee Party to push for more socialism. 30 people turned out… Including the people who were already at the restaurant and the tea party infiltrators.

North Carolina had 5 people show up.

But they're on the side of the PEOPLE, maaaaan! They're the voice of the masses!

Maybe masses of pond scum, but other than that, the numbers just don't add up.

The media are really gonna have to ramp up the phony coverage on this one to fool people into believing its real, but somehow, given their track record of propaganda and lies, I think they're up to the challenge.

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