Tuesday, March 16, 2010


...or a "Coffee Party." Same thing. Just listen these people! They only want to be heard.
Again. And again. And again....

I hope you have validated their feeeelings!

Ed Morrissey discusses one quote from the video:
“Democracy isn’t supposed to be about two teams fighting … it is about [a] community of people advancing common good.” Besides the fact that we’re a representative republic (with democratic processes), the notion that democracy is all about agreement certainly has the virtue of novelty. After all, if everyone agreed on how to advance the common good, you wouldn’t need democracy.

Hmmm. All agree. No arguing. Lessee....how would you get that? Oh. I know! A Totalitarian State!

Shame that every time that has been done, millions have been killed. But you have to make trade-offs if you truly love people and want to have compassion.

"All we are saaaaaying, is give peace a chance! .... BLAM BLAM BLAM"

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