Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sit down. Steel yourself. Grit your teeth and watch this.

I know it's sick, but don't you think it's important to know that this kind of thing is going on?

First, 10 or 20 vids popped up on youtube of school children singing praise songs to Chairman Zero, one of which was based on the tune, "Jesus loves the little children." (check them out at Big Hollywood)

That kind of indoctrination and USE of little kids is child abuse.

But those videos pale in comparison to this one. It's a children's orchestra and choir doing an origional Wagnerian-sounding piece that includes a spoken narration of the great words of Our Dear Leader, The One.

Go drink some ginger ale. It'll settle your stomach.

You'll notice it was an (ahem) "arts" organization that funded this.

I urge you to never give money to arts organizations unless you are sure of where it will go. Art died a long time ago. Art's organizations are propaganda ministries for leftist indoctrination now, and the worse thing is, many are funded with the money the government steals from you without your consent.

And I say this as one with an arts degree and who has worked in the field.

But of course it's not all Obama worship that passes for art now. Bush Derangement Syndrome "art" is still huge:

Not one, but TWO mainstream media outlets felt the need to report and chuckle about this. Oh, those smug, sophisticated maroons! They so FUNNY. Still hangin' on to that sad, mental illness long after the object of their derangement is gone. They just can't let go.....(sigh).

Story at Newsbusters.

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