Friday, April 30, 2010


Shut up, ya lil' whippersnappers! It's NOT because I'm getting old! MAN I hate you! :)

It's because I don't want to give one DIME to wack-jobs that are hell bent on a Marxist revolution where everyone (except them) will have to sacrifice all their power and money to the State that knows better than you do, what you deserve and need.

IN ONE FREAKIN' DAY, I find this crap (mostly via Big Hollywood- check them out!):

Cameron Mitchel:
“It’s China, it’s India Anywhere the middle-class is exploding, everyone’s sucking up more power. Population’s continuing to grow, you know we’re going to have to do something about it.”
Bitches need to be on their save the earth from the laughing stock of the disproved, faked evidence of man-made glo-bull warming!....well, 'cept for him, of course. He NEEDS his jets and money. But those damn Indians- They are SO SELFISH to want to eat more than a half cup of rice with rat poop in it every day! They hate the earth. Racists.

And Sting formerly of the (cough, cough) "punk" group The Police. They were posers then, they're even phonier now:

“Well, you can see the enthusiasm out there. And people are here to really tell big government that we want big government to make big decisions about the most important problems we face. And also to pressure our corporations to behave properly, as consumers, but we’re here to — we’re asking for big government, basically.”

Because slavery is AWESOME! DUDE! Please, PLEASE pimp me out!

And Harrison Ford:

Note how the bulk of the information he was presenting (he IS an actor, after all) was his fragile, carefully worded, deep, deep, thoughtful benevolence and dignity. I bow before your wagu steak, oh golden one!

Now, I know art is art and politics is politics. But these ass-hats are using the money YOU freely give them, to add to the money STOLEN from you by force, to support totalitarian marxist bullshit and make this earth a living hell.

I have Thin Man movies on dvd and bluegrass. I'm not hurtin by turning my back on these evil clowns. Ok, well, maybe I'm hurtin for something to talk about with people that have nothing to talk about, 'cept hot new movies and celebrities. Anything else might crack the "chillin" bubble that must be maintained at all costs, even while they are being used as tools in the service of their own destruction. I can understand. I hate being upset about things too. Unless it has to do with my own survival. But I'm just an irritating dick. Whadda I know?

K. Ow. I am suffering. Whatevah.

Boycott Hollywood.

I been feelin' THIS lately, fer instance (warning: they were from the south, and so necessarily racist, as slavery is the ONLY thing that was ever part of their culture. No humanity, no goodness at all, in any way, anywhere, just pure evil all the time.)

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