Thursday, April 01, 2010


I woke up this morning from a dream I was having about being ruled by a leader with a domestic army. People had woken up from their dream to find that they couldn't move- they were in chains.

If only I could wake up from this one.

Something Beck said a while back was going through my head while I lied there blinking.

What DerMessiah is doing is building the structure that is necessary for complete control, not necessarily using it yet. That way when the "hammer comes down" and the country collapses, as it must by his purposefully reckless debt spending (can you say: Cloward Piven?), everything is in place.

Well guess what? Napalitano reported on a lil' bit o' that big "healthcare" bill that has just now been discovered:
the creation of a civilian army of doctors. Miliary trained. Under the president's control.
Right Pundit

The 6,000 member army (will they do their daily marches wearing their white coats?) will be used for disease prevention programs, while also being deployed to emergency situations, i.e. just like the National Guard.

If the purpose of this health care reserve corps is innocuous, if it’s to simply organize a medical first-responder to national emergencies, then it’s useless and redundant. As Napolitano points out, the government has limitless hiring abilities already for medical personnel through the Public Health Service and the CDC.

So what else are they attempting to achieve if not that?

Shep "what-me-worry" Smith said he thought The One meant well. Napolitano responded

“No, it doesn’t sound well-intentioned to me because of the military language. If the government needs physicians it has the ability to hire them. But putting them under the direct command of the Pres and saying you will train with the military is what is scary.

Why do we need military oriented physicians if the military is stateside?

(video link)

Remember that The One has pledged to create a "civilian national security force" "just as powerful and well-funded as the military". A private army.

Don't take my word for it, take his:

Wouldn't having the structure in place by creating this military "doctor corp" be a first step?

When this whole thing collapses and people are rioting, boom! Already have the structure for the "civilian national security force."

Brilliant. Like Hitler was brilliant.

And you know, there is another control mechanism in the bill. The hiring of thousands and thousands more IRS agents with the power to look at your health records and finances to make sure you are buying what you have been told.

As we know, with the IRS, you are GUILTY before being proven innocent, un-like the rest of the legal system.

Making waves, comrade? Oh looky. Here comes the IRS. You're business is destroyed.

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