Saturday, April 17, 2010


Reports of the hatred and violence experienced by "the gays" when attacked by extremist tea party bigots have been rolling in! My God. It's like Matthew Shepard times 10!

Gay Patriot reports on a Boston Tea Party victim:
Great crowd, everyone reacted positively. They wanted to take photos and gave me thumbs up. Some asked how I felt about being there. My most frequent response was I feel better coming out gay here today with the tea party people then coming out conservative in my gay community. Tried to turn the crowd away from the alinsky provacteurs, they were all there with the racist mispelled signs, so sad they were so young.

Even more horrific is this report, on the LA Tea Party:

This crowd was most welcoming of the GayPatriot readers who showed up, 8 by my count, 2 straight women, 1 left-leaning lesbian and five gay men. We made known our sexuality, they made us feel welcome, more welcome indeed than many of us felt when we make known our conservatism (or just plain iconoclasm) at Gay Pride events.

Two of us (two gay men, that is) even got speaking berths. I spoke very briefly, telling the crowd that Barney Frank does not speak for gay people and that many gay Americans favor small government and prefer freedom. Wearing a “Reagan in ‘80″ T-shirt and Reagan ballcap, I called the Gipper the president of my youth whose ideas are the ideas of the future. I received a resounding round of applause–which didn’t end when I, with a jovial grin on my face, said, “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We want to Repeal Obamacare.

Those fag-bashing BASTARDS! APPLAUSE! What's next? A free trip to a day spa?!!!!

I hear ya! Fight the power brothers and sisters!

Outraged readers had similar stories in the comments:

I’m making many friends from the local Tea Party movement, and they’re great folks.

When I tell my “progressive” friends how I’m expanding my horizons, the response is often to scream “TEA PARTY PEOPLE?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!” and do everything just short of setting their hair on fire.

I am routinely lectured on how “evil” these people are. We are straying from the reservation in greater numbers all the time, and it is making a lot of people very nervous.

This is exactly how the Left became so lazy, flabby and insipid. They’ve been counting on the bigotry of “those people” they’re sure they hate. And it turns out that the bigotry has been largely, all along, in their own, tiny minds. better be sitting down for this sick, sick scene. Its like somethin' straight outa Nightmare on Elm Street (yes, I'm sorry. I said "straight"):

I carried “Yo Media, I’m A Tea Partier And I’m Gay” to the Orlando Tea Party on Monday 4-12-2010 and will have it in Kissmmee with me today at Tax Day Tea Party there. Great responses! Everyone wanted pictures and to shake my hand and thank me.

In the face of all this hatred from the straight, white, violent, stupid, redneck, homophobic, racist, mysogenistic, un-American, nazi, klansman tea party movement, I hope you'll all join hands with me RIGHT NOW and sing "weeeee will overcoooooome! weeeeee will overcoooooome!"

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