Thursday, April 15, 2010



Communists trying to incite violence. Michelle Malkin has the latest:

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is calling on all radicals – anarchists and communists, Mexican and Black nationalists, Third Worldists and Indigenists, students, social critics and anti-racists – to come out and oppose this vile, hateful message in the midst of the Tea Party Movement. Bring signs, bullhorns, props, a hat and sunglasses, etc. Cut loose and let these racist crackers know they are opposed.

Um....I thought "cracker" was a racist term? And what does "cut loose" mean?
Surely not violence! They are "peaceful, loving peeeeeeople!"

And then there's this vid already:

And of course as has been widely exposed through their own websites, the totalitarian left is planning on posing as tea partiers and spewing racial hatred to the news crews and holding racist signs. Like this government- backed group.

Now, if the tea party was so damn racist, would they have to do this?

No. But they can't let mere reality interfere with their hateful delusions. They have a country to destroy! That's a big job!

From Pajamas Media, an excellent list of do's and don'ts:

Things to do:

  • DO get photos or video of any offensive signs or behavior — racist signs, signs connecting O’s administration to Nazis, anti-Semitic signs, signs calling for violence — and send them to
  • DO inform them calmly and civilly that the signs and behavior are unwelcome.
  • DO get pictures including the faces of people holding and standing with the offensive signs, and context around them for identification.
  • DO have “Infiltrator” and “Brought to you by…” signs, and stay close to the offensive signs so it’s hard for the legacy media to single out the offensive signs as being somehow representative of the tea party demonstration.
  • DO watch any representatives of the mainstream media. Make sure that they don’t have the opportunity to isolate an offensive sign. Record video of the media observing the crowd (don’t forget how powerful it was when amateur video revealed the bias of a CNN interviewer).
  • DO capture video of people shouting offensive words or slogans. Loudly — but calmly and civilly — challenge them for the misbehavior, and get that on video, so it’s clear it was denounced at the time.
  • DO assume people with their faces covered, especially with a balaclava or ski mask, are not your friends.
  • DO report any harassment or assaults to the police, and capture that report on video as well, if possible. (I learned this at the Democratic Convention in 2008: after Michelle Malkin was mobbed and I was assaulted, I reported it to the police, who said, “Shall I call an ambulance?” I eventually got an apology from the Denver PD, but it would have been a much bigger thing for them had we had video. And don’t forget, Alex Jones really is a consummate ass.)
  • DO KEEP YOUR COOL. Keep calm. Be nice. These people are agents provocateurs, and the worst thing you can do to them is not be provoked.

Things not to do:

  • DO NOT confront offensive protesters any more strongly than to tell them they’re unwelcome.
  • DO NOT make any attempt to force people to leave or do anything they don’t want to do.
  • DO NOT make any concerted attempt to figure out if someone is a “real” tea partier or a plant. If they’re being offensive, get their pictures and send them in. No one with a racist sign is a friend of the tea party movement, no matter how much they say they are on the tea party’s side.

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