Sunday, April 04, 2010


Weasel Zippers has a nice collection of horribly racist speakers at tea party events.

One I went to here in Columbus featured this one, who brought down the house and whipped the rabid lynch mob into a frenzy of aryan nation inspired hatred:

You know, I really have to hand it to them. Ol' Jugears was groomed and promoted for the presidency precisely because he was a Marxist who is black. It gives him total deniablity whenever anything he says or does is criticized. Just call the opposition racist and end of story.

No decent person wants to be called racist. It is an abhorrent, ignorant, evil way of thinking.
And when I was being indoctrinated in school, what was repeated over and over was that even if you don't feel racist or think that you are racist, you probably are, if you're white. You just can't help yourself. That has become the de-facto baseline of all discussion involving race.

It has been sold, and it has been bought.

Seeing Obama as a socialist, as he obviously is to anyone with even minimally functioning senses?

Against Obamacare? Racist.

Time and again, this is the non- response.

No arguments have to be met. No evidence has to be given. To oppose the agenda of Der Messiah can never, ever be anything but racist.

Now shut up.

Brilliant plan.

As stupid as it was, my punk-rock past has given me one valuable thing: I don't give a DAMN what anyone thinks of me. I'll still speak the truth. I don't NEED anyone's approval.


Right Ideas said...

I love the sarcasm! Pointing out the absurd by being absurd!

23eagle said...

Sometimes I don't know how else to respond! Ya gotta laugh!