Saturday, April 17, 2010

NOT violence. It's just socialists, building a kinder, more compassionate world


Well, unless it's used against Constitutionalists.

The story is coming out about the couple that was put in the hospital with broken jaws, legs and skulls after leaving a republican event in New Orleans. What? You haven't heard about it on CNN, MSNBC or any other MSM? Shocker!

...she and Brown were followed and attacked expressly because they had Palin pins on (she heard one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on” (Canada Free Press, ironic, isn't it? Since they don't have a truly free press up there.)

It should be said that the New Orleans police are denying that the attack was politically motivated. The same fine dept. that had officers caught on video looting stores after Katrina.

The police report states that they said, ‘Little blonde bitch,"You’re a fu**king faggot,’ and ‘You think you’re fu**king special." and that they made "observations about their physical appearance." (Hot Air)

You know, like their Palin buttons.

Bottom line, if this were a couple leaving a Democratic fundraiser the media would have been on it 24/7.

But what did we hear the last couple of days instead of this story?
Bill Clinton's remarks that the tea party will bring about another Oklahoma City bombing.

"There can be real consequences when what you say animates people who do things you would never do," Mr. Clinton said in an interview, saying that Timothy McVeigh, who carried out the Oklahoma City bombing, and those who assisted him, "were profoundly alienated, disconnected people who bought into this militant antigovernment line."

The government is the solution, stupid! So shut up and let us ass rape you. And if you struggle you're being violent. Rush has some good things to say, when he's not too busy defending The Constitution (which, of course, means that he wants to kill people.)

Der Messiah's good buddy Bill Ayers can bomb the Pentagon and say, days after 9-11, that he has no regrets and wishes he had done more- and he's made a professor of education.

But that's not hatred or inciting people to violence. That's kindness and compassion, working to build a better dead body after another.

And the same MSM Marxist tools that have ignored the story of this couple's savage beating, like Chris, "I get a thrill up my leg" Matthews, defend Ayers actions.

Because violence is fine when they do it. Imagined violence that is not being perpetrated by the right must be made to look real and calls for hysterical condemnations.

I image Satan did the same thing when he was cast into the pit.

UPDATE from Wizbang, that has a lot more at the link:
Back at the Hayride, the blog that has been all over this story, there's a report that another attendee of the fundraiser at Brennan's was also attacked while leaving the event. Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere, Jr. says he tried to leave Brennan's with about half a dozen friends, but protesters blocked the front doors. They left through the kitchen, but they were spotted by the mob peace-loving demonstrators attempting to exercise their Constitutional rights and pursued until they got into a cab.

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