Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's a necessary fact of human existence. Think for a minute. If you took every bit of information that you receive from your senses and see it as an isolated bit, unique in itself, and do not connect it with other information to make a reasonable generalization, what would happen?

If every time I stuck my hand in the fire it got burnt, but I didn't generalize that fire always burns my hand, I'm gonna end up with very un-attractive charcoal stumps before long.

If I decide to hang out with crack-heads in a dope house, and 99x out of 100 something bad, violent or tragic happens, I would generalize that maybe I shouldn't be hangin' there. That is a generalization. It allows me to make sense of the world and keep myself safe. But if I don't generalize and know that that one time out of a hundred, everything was cool, I'll conclude that its fine to be there.

This is M.O. of the left's moral equivalency tactic. For instance: not every terrorist attack in the world is perpetrated by radical Islamicists. Only 99%. Therefore, it is not only wrong, but bigoted, to point out the huge threat we face from radical Islamicists. That is a generalization and so it's wrong.

That is insane. Generalizations are necessary to live your life, beyond question. The real question should be: are your generalizations based on rational evidence beyond a reasonable doubt and how tightly do you hold onto them? That is rationality.

John Stewart, attacking Bernie Goldberg for "generalizing," has for the second time, told Fox News, "Go f*** yourself." And here I thought it was the Tea Party that routinely screamed profanities! My bad. All that clingin' to my guns and religion musta cut off the flow of blood to my brain there for a second!

Bernie's smack down on Mr. Edgy and Smug:


Pamela D. Hart said...

Bernie was right. If Stewart wants to be "edgy" then he should take on Bill Maher and his anti-religious comments. THAT would make him "edgy". But Stewart thinks dropping the "F" bomb makes him "stand out". Hate to tell him the "F" word has no shock value anymore.

23eagle said...

Absolutely! It's like the left Christian bashing because they say religion is so evil, and a handful of so-called Christians have done violent things in the last few decades. Yet at the same time, not a word on radical Islamicists. That want to appear brave, but won't criticize the truly evil because they are afraid of getting hurt. They rail about domestic violence, but not a word about women in the Muslim world that are routinely mutilated, stoned and killed. Yet they tell the world they are so brave and good. It's a self-gratifying pose. It's about THEM, not OTHERS.