Friday, April 09, 2010


So why don't you just kill yourself now?

All over the United States taxpayer funded public schools are teaching this little lesson? It’s from a documentary, The Story of Stuff, and it’s about how the developed world, especially America, destroys everything it touches to make stuff no one needs and then dumps it and kills all the animals.

From the movie:

We’ll start with extraction which is a fancy word for natural resource exploitation which is a fancy word for trashing the planet. What this looks like is we chop down trees, we blow up mountains to get the metals inside, we use up all the water and we wipe out the animals. — The Story of Stuff

This and other ‘teachable moments’ are being brought to a classroom near you by The Story of Stuff. According to the New York Times it has been watched by over 7 million children in the US.
Annie Leonard, the filmmaker, says she spent 10 years traveling the globe collecting the information contained in the 20-minute film.

It’s hard to know where to start with Leonard. Is it the fact that she had enough “stuff” to spend 10 years on the film; or the amount of stuff she used making the film; cameras, computers, planes and cars; or the fact that everything about her life is based on the very “stuff ” she so abhors; or is it that pretty much everything she says is false...

Garsh. Wonder why teen suicide rates keep going up? America sucks, Western Civilization is evil, The planet is dying and Christianity is for morons. But be happy kids. Did you finish your self-esteem class homework yet?

The good news is that if you become a pc, post-modern, marxist tool and do your part to help destroy civilization, everything will be o.....oh, never mind.

You can read the rest at Big Hollywood.

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