Friday, April 16, 2010


Saw this story last night but took me awhile to blog on it because it so turned my stomach.

This is not some fringe, this is mainstream! (from PJMedia) It's about:
Jeffrey Kottler’s On Being a Therapist. The book is now in its fourth edition, and this latest edition “puts the spotlight on the therapist’s role and responsibility to promote issues of diversity, social justice, human rights, and systemic changes within the community and the world at large.”

Yeah. Sorry 'bout your mental pain and suffering. But what I want to know is how are you going to help to smash the system?

It's what your therapist wants, not what you need, ya selfish prick!

An arrogant psychology PhD student at an APA convention told me that all psychologists go into the field because they want to be omnipotent, himself included. Really? Because when I got my training in New York City, I was taught that therapists were to be humble and work hard to achieve self-knowledge so that they can help their clients make the right decisions for themselves, not for the therapist. The client is not an extension of the therapist, but rather an independent, autonomous person with his or her own thoughts, feelings, and life.

Those therapists who use clients as an extension of their own narcissistic needs are abusing their power, not helping people.

The focus on narcissism tells me a lot about my profession, and sometimes liberals in general. I sometimes wonder how much they want to do good in the world vs. how good they want to feel about themselves for feeling omnipotent and influencing (forcing) others to do as they wish. The author mentions that therapists do not want be forgotten and wish to feel immortal through helping their clients.

I can testify. Feeling good about myself is exactly why I was a liberal, Alinsky-worshipping community organizer for most of my life. The results of what I pushed for never mattered. It was all meeeeeeee.

Can you image if had gone to a "therapist"?

... Could it be that for liberals and certain therapists endowed with self-importance but without religion, influencing others is all they have?

...Could it be that many liberals, like narcissistic therapists, are so insistent that others go along with them because they fear being obscure and crave feeling powerful more than they care about whether their solutions actually work?

From my own experience, I know the answer.

Feeling hurt and in need of help? Maybe try reading the bible and talking to a religious leader...well, at least a religious leader that belongs to a church that isn't a socialist political organization wearing the face of Christianity.

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