Friday, April 16, 2010

Some of the oddly peaceful angry mob. Especially the little guy. Scarrrry!

Poor, lonely moonbats, isolated and so very alone, finding no one to yell at them.

This guy's relaxed smiles and polite demeanor totally un-nerved Ms. Marx. What a contrast!

The socialist ringleader, showing her trembling anger while speaking with a calm, polite gentleman.

A noose on the sign? Could he been anymore obvious? And I thought the left was s'posed to be so creative!

What an evolution! At the first tea party in Columbus, there was a huge crowd that seemed to be bewildered to find themselves at a protest- and not sure what to do. Yesterday was very different. People listened. People talked. People networked and everyone was relaxed and energized.

Alicia Healy spoke again, and as she did before she ROCKED the crowd with her words, confidence and energy. I truly believe she is destined to do great things in the future. Check her out:

A small group of socialist infiltrators and counter protesters were there. They began their performance by having an infiltrator getting violently argumentative, talkin' smack, with one of their number, trying to show how racist and evil tea party people are. The result? Hilarious FAIL! Maybe it was his punk rock haircut that gave him away. They were immediately surrounded with arrow signs saying "infiltrator," and so dropped the charade. They were latter joined by of their group. The rest of the event they were generally ignored or greeted with slightly bemused smiles. One constantly wandered around with a creepy smirk on his face, trying to hand out fliers, but was politely ignored and isolated. I kinda felt bad for the guy. The woman in the red shirt, at one point was engaged by the smiling gentleman you see, who was calm, relaxed, listened to her points and refuted them. She, on the other hand, continually had waves of anger and hatred play across her face. Interesting contrast.
And boy! was she ever STONED! I used to smoke weed and know that look.

Michelle Malkin
has some better pics of this.

All in all, it was a smaller crowd, due to many going to Cinci to see Hannity, but a very dedicated and focused group. The evening came to a close with my meeting the sweet, schizophrenic homeless woman I know from work, who as usual greeted me with "how are you, honey? Beautiful day, isn't it." I told her it certainly was.

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