Friday, April 09, 2010


has an interview with an atheist that joined a Megachurch undercover for two years. She made many friends, people who loved her. And then let 'em know it was all a sham and good bye. Suckers.

This is so typical of the liberal mindset that I spent most of my life involved in. I was such a good person because I worked to get other people to do what I foolishly believed was helping people, with other people's money, while constantly talking about how caring I was and being all loving...when it wouldn't inconvenience me in anyway or stop me from doing whatever the hell I wanted to. Personal behavior and responsibility didn't really come into it. That would be interfering with the bliss-buzz that I clung to like a dying rat to a piece of wood. It was working for a greater State that mattered. That and my neurotic need to deny my own darkness and believe that I was "one of the good guys." My community organizing didn't touch me and my personal relationships with others, so I could just go around being a dick all the time and still feel all enlightened and loving.

After going on and on demonstrating her open-mindedness and fairness in conceding their good points, she's asked if she has any regrets

I regret it in that I think it hurt people I care about. I regret the blitheness with which I participated in religious rituals I just couldn't bring myself to take seriously. But I think that the ability for my book to bridge a gap between evangelical Christians and nonbelievers does mitigate to some extent what I did.

Ah, the book. "Bridging the gap" to bring those ignorant Christians to light of her dark, dark world.

She "think(s) it hurt people"? Well a big FU to all her friends was certainly a worthwhile price to pay for her noble purpose! Oh, and book sales.

It is precisely the same thinking, that taken to the extreme, led people like Lenin, Mao, Hitler and others on the left that truly cared about people (I'm not kidding) to murder millions. Ya gotta make sacrifices, ya know.

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