Sunday, May 02, 2010

These swastikas brought 'ol stretchy face Pelosi to tears....when they didn't exist, within the tea party and townhall meetings. But now that people here illegally are waving them around....she is oddly silent.


I wish the racist all- white MSM would at least ONCE get all concerned about stuff like this:
SANTA CRUZ - A large group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker's and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.
Many in the group were carrying makeshift torches as they marched, breaking storefront windows and writing "anarchist graffiti" on buildings, according to Capt. Steve Clark. Many businesses sustained multiple broken windows including very large storefront windows at Urban Outfitters and The Rittenhouse building. Police believe at least 15 businesses suffered damage. (Mercury News)

Oh but wait. "Any mean justifies the ends." I forgot my "Rules for Radicals" lessons from all of my years as a "community organizer." My bad.

It's ok to be violent, even commit genocide for the plans that you and your brilliant, god-like friends have for the world. Because you truly care.

Unlike the peaceful people, who quietly go about the business of helping their neighbor, following the eeeeevil Jesus, and who protest the destruction of our country peacefully.

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