Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This is his new mansion for his collection, that he can jet to whenever he feels like it. Couldn't put it any better than Doug Ross:
They want to control your lives: how big your car can be, how much water your toilet can hold, the kind of light bulbs you can use. They even think there are limits on how much money you should be able to make.

But they put no limits on what they can have. Kind of like the old Soviet Politburo. Which is the kind of society they intend for us.

Just like congress exempting themselves from Obamacare.

Just like The One telling us all that we need to sacrifice while he keeps the white house so hot that people can't wear their suit coats, when they eat wagu steak at one of his lavish parties.

But they still need more. They are getting ready to push cap and tax to solve the discredited man-made global warming BS, the "crisis" that Gore is so concerned about that he does everything in his power to create as much CO2 as possible- so that they can take more of our money and vastly increase their control over the population. THAT is what it has ALWAYS been about.

Once more, Orwell's "Animal Farm" is prophetic: "we're all equal. Just some of us are more equal than others."

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