Wednesday, May 05, 2010


From Richard A. Viguerie at WaPo for the Tea Party movement:
Be independent.

Most important, tea partiers must remain distinct from both political parties. The GOP would like nothing better than to co-opt the movement and control the independent conservatives who are its members. But we must keep in mind that perhaps the single biggest mistake of the conservative movement was becoming an appendage of the Republican Party...

Go on a policy offensive.

We must take on policy initiatives that will fundamentally change America but that, because of crony politics, neither political party will touch.

THAT, to me is the litmus test.

Tea partiers already know that promoting complete adherence to the Constitution, and particularly to the 10th Amendment -- which reserves the powers not explicitly granted to the federal government for the states and the people -- is the way to change policy...

Get involved, then stay involved.

Avoid the third-party trap.

Just as the tea party movement must not be co-opted by either of the major parties, nor can it yield to the temptation to start a third party....

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