Sunday, May 09, 2010


That's what the open borders crowd is essentially saying. If every nation- no scratch that, if THIS nation- doesn't open its borders to any and all without us having any say as to the amount or the status of those people, if we impose ANY kind of controls or responsibilities on their free movement and residence in this nation, we are BIGOTS.

The earth should be one, gray, amorphous mass with the richness and diversity of individual cultures being erased in the name of being "citizens of the world."

They should all embrace the First Church of Fundamentalist Liberalism as their one and only culture.

Bland. Boring. And to THINK that the people supporting this scenario hate McDonalds. Ironic.

Now as much as I dislike him, mostly for his bigoted anti-semitic comments (more irony), like all people, he's not all good or all bad. HERE, Pat Buchannan makes total sense:

...are the Japanese all bigots because they refuse to allow immigration? Countries all over the world restrict or forbid the kind of mass immigration we and Europe have embraced.

Does the desire of a people to preserve its unique and separate ethnic identity and cultural character, de facto, constitute bigotry?

Are the Israelis bigots because Bibi Netanyahu demands that in any peace agreement with Palestinians it be stipulated that Israel shall forever remain a Jewish nation? Are the Muslim Uighurs and Tibetans bigots because they want to end the migration of Han Chinese into their homelands, secede from China and set up ethnonational states of their own: East Turkestan and Tibet?

If "Africa for the Africans" was a wonderful slogan in the 1950s, why is "Britain for the Britons" a bigoted idea today? (Townhall)


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