Monday, May 17, 2010


Sufferin' succotash! They're self-destructin! At least according to WaPo (and I fear,"republicans"): Maine... the state Republican Party chucked its platform -- a sensible New England mix of free-market economics and conservation -- and adopted a manifesto of insanity: abolishing the Federal Reserve, calling global warming a "myth," sealing the border, and, as a final plank, fighting "efforts to create a one world government."
It's crazy! EVERYONE KNOWS that what the government/media tells you is the truth (well, at least for the moment, the truth being always in quotes and flexible depending on the "reality" you want to create at the moment. It's post-modernism. If you ain't got no college book learnin' you wouldn't understand. Ok, well, even if you did, you wouldn't understand, but you'd pretend that nonsense is rational thought so that you can feel real smrt n stuff.)

Global warming is a myth. And yet:

From CBS News via Breitbart TV comes some surprising news: a joint George Mason University and University of Texas survey of TV meteorologists in America reveals that while more than half (54 percent) believe global warming is happening, less than a third (31 percent) believe it is caused by human activity, specifically man-made carbon emissions as determined by the IPCC and others. (via First things.)

And to think that some craaaazy conspiracy theorists think the whole phony hullabaloo might be about something else like....I dunno....furthering the institution of a Marxist take-over of America and total control? Fools.

Sealing the border? Who needs to point out the insanity of that! It's just racist. As The One has repeatedly stated, we are "citizens of the world" before we are citizens of the United States. Borders and national sovereignty are artificial constructs...just like all the artificial borders I so loathed when I used to trip on acid. We are all, like, you know, ONE people and conventional reality is just a barrier to the ULTIMATE reality (formerly known as death).

As for the biggest loony outrage of these un-hinged redneck, nazi, racist, killers of bunny rabbits, the belief that a one world government is being built?

Global government. Redistribution of wealth.

But wait, there's more:

an executive order recently signed by President Barack Obama. Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425, signed December 16 and released a day later, grants the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) rights on American soil that place it beyond the reach of our own law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). (PJMedia)

Because if we're citizens of the WORLD, the world is the ultimate authority. So national sovereignty is intact...UNDER the dominance of the "world."

Didn't hear 'bout any of this? Just take 15 minutes a night. There's much more, but you won't find it in the MSM. Only craaaazy people like Beck and reputable, firmly backed reporting by bloggers tell you this stuff.

The republican party isn't coming "un-glued." It's coming back to the Constitution. Or it's gone.

To a confirmed Marxist, that's just craaaaazy.

In a final stroke of masterful brilliancy, the intellectual author of the WaPo piece invoked the boogey-man of (insert scary music here and in a Vincent Price voice:) CHRISTIANITY! Some of the people pointing out the obvious are of all things, CHRISTIAN! You know, people that follow the religion of our founders, that go around bombing and killing people every day in the name of their God and the institution of a Theocracy.... the ones forcing little children to wear bombs for Jesus?

The real enemies of America. Now I hope you'll all join me on the opening day of the new ground zero mosque in NYC on 9-11 in praying that those medieval, backwards, ignorant, murderous Christians will never complete their evil plan for the totalitarian destruction of our nation. That is the work to be done by the truly just, kind and caring left with the help of the fanatical followers of the religion of peace. Fight oppression! Fight America, and for God's sake (sorry, I mean Obama's sake), fight all un-approved religions the refuse to submit and be enslaved, be it by Islamofascists or by the First Church of Fundamentalist Post-Modern Marxism (CFPMM). They'll sort it all out when the Great Satan/Evil Imperialist, Racist Amerikkka is gone. Right now, theyboth wisely see the enemy of their enemy as their friend. The important thing is to kill this nation. First things first.

Don't like it? I am so SICK of haters like you!

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