Tuesday, May 04, 2010


He snubs our friends while he bows to and embraces our enemies (after all, they both hate the America that his wife was never proud of....until he got electedand that his buddy Bill Ayers bombed).

He talks about how we were "arrogant" (boy, that's some projection!) and evil...until he came along.

He declared the U.S. as the largest Muslim country.

He ties one hand of our military behind their backs.

He gives the rights of U.S. citizens to enemy combatants.

All this so the Islamofascists will see how kind and loving we are and that we just want to be friends.

In his Happy Marxist Gumdrop land, this will turn bombs into pretty flowers.

The result? Our enemies laugh at us, increase their war on us and terrorists are exploiting his disregard for our national security in the name of mult-culturalism and PC BS.

You think its bad now, John Bolton, who should know a thing or two about this stuff, talks about the nukes that will soon be coming our way, in the WSJ.

You can live in a fantasy world all you want, but the real world will still exist. It's like kids doing ketamine- the information from your senses is slowed down, creating a vacumn that is filled with a world of make-believe. I've seen kids on this sad drug, completely helpless and open to whatever anyone wants to do with them. Our foreign policy is becoming the foreign policy of Ketamine. Not only sad, but scary, and we will pay the cost in human lives.

This is what our foreign policy looks like:

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