Sunday, May 09, 2010


Mr. Gutfeld
, if by chance you or your lawyers see this, PLEASE forgive my gratuitous reposting....I just can't help myself:

Okay, here’s my favorite headline of the day – no, make that year.

Take a look-see, for yourself, see.

Yes, the AP headline reads: “NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery.”

Yeah it’s only a mystery if you’re in the media, and really stupid. Everyone else pretty much understands why the terrorist left a fuel bomb in an area filled with families.

He hates us. He hate our country, our culture. He wants you dead.

But the media – an entity full of fragile egos and bubble-encased boobs – just can’t see that. In fact, it’s kinda awesome how huge and gaping their blind spot toward radical Islamic fundamentalism is. If only there could be other motives for the mayhem, so they’d never having to place blame on anything (except America, of course).

So I thought I’d help them out, and find motives the media could be comfortable with.

So why did Faisal Shahzad try to blow up Time Square?

-Obviously, Global Warming. The increasing temperature forced him to jog at night, and he found the sunlight oppressive. Plus, it made his beard itch.

He goes on with a long list of reasons, ending with

-Those evil tea partiers made of mockery of Islam with their delightful bacon and egg salad sandwiches.

I’ll stop there, because it really is the tea partier’s fault–for they created the climate of hate that only encouraged Shazhad’s actions In fact – I’d say the car bomb was a direct result of the tea partiers, the new Arizona immigration bill, Rush Limbaugh, offshore drilling, and of course, Fox News.

Because all that stuff is evil. Unlike, you know, real evil.

Why does the media do this? One, because they are religious zealots, much like bomber dude, where rational thought and the nose in front of their face do not apply. Two, because to admit what the real problem is, is to be made scared, or at least "un-comfortable" by the reality of it.

The REAL message of the 60's that has permeated the culture and has been imposed on the rest of the nation, is that one should be mellow and feel comfortable at all times. That's what drugs were for, and the number one goal in life, with or without drugs, is feeeeeeeling good at all times. Any thing that interferes with that is not only wrong, it's evil.

Baby must have her pacey firmly placed in her mouth 24/7 or she'll kick and scream at the terrible injustice. It doesn't matter if it's been pulled out as a prelude to being beheaded. I wan my pacy! I wan my pacey!

Hence our foreign policy. Hence the sizable minority that supports the all powerful State.

We are being run by 2 year olds with Hah-vahd degrees.

(disclaimer- I'm not immune to this impulse, I AM, after all, soaking in the culture, but I TRY to fight it and I know it for what it is)

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