Thursday, April 02, 2009


It's demanded in the Koran. Praise be to Allah Jugears has read it and taken it to heart. NOW we'll be safer. Might wanna buy some knee pads though.

Literal translation of the word "Islam": "submission"

Get used to it. The Saudi government is spending buttloads of money building "schools" of the same Wahabism sect of Islam that is embraced by the know, the guys that beat the hell out of a girl cause she dared to walk out out of the house with a man not her husband. That sure deserves a bow, huh?

The Anchoress has this to say:

The American President does not bow to a King; they are supposed to be equals. I am really reluctant to join the “Obama is a Muslim” club, but he did not help himself by betraying his inclination, here, to bow. Nor, did he dampen down those flames when he banned the press from covering his White House reception for a federation of African-American community newspapers, (including, it seems, newspapers for and by the Nation of Islam) which was giving the president an award. The swooning lapdog press - even if it whines now and then, will never ask the president about that closed meeting. They’ll never ask the president if he was bowing, either. It would be pointless to, of course, but the press won’t even ask. They’ll be too busy trying to explain it away for Obama.

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