Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've had to quit watching the news. It is just too maddening to watch people calmly discuss what is going on as if there were a shred of sanity in it. We have a hateful, anti-American Marxist nut actively destroying our country while he chuckles about it and the talking heads blather on as if it were just another day. Its like having a schizophrenic in charge and giving his ideas serious consideration and debating them in discussion. What is to discuss? He's NUTS.

Im with Rush:

Based on what we've seen with General Motors and the banks, if he fails, America is saved. Barack Obama's policies and their failure is the only hope we've got to maintain the America of our founding. We can sit here all the all day as we have. We can rail against General Motors. There is nothing going to stop any of this. Nothing is stopping it. I can say all day long, "Gosh, I hope this fails isn't going to stop anything." Has anybody heard the Republicans say anything today about the firing of Rick Wagoner? If they have, it hasn't been reported. Republicans, as usual, are a week behind the times. They're out there rapping about the budget, which is okay, the budget needs to be rapped about, "We'll rap about it further," but the big news of the today is GM. I haven't heard a Republican, have you? I haven't seen any media who find anything the slightest bit squishy about this.

...This is a radical guy. This is a very arrogant, radical guy who is angry. Nobody will convince me otherwise. Yeah, I mean he doesn't show it. Sometimes I think I notice it. I think it flares at times. Not the anger, but he reveals that he has a bunch of chips on his shoulder, and we know his wife does, and we know Reverend Wright does. We're getting a lot of this stuff that's happening right out of Reverend Wright's sermons. There really is. And a lot of what's going to happen in education, right out of Bill Ayers' curriculum, his extremist, terrorist buddy.

The best way to understand Obama, and I can't say this enough, he really believes that it's his job to return the nation's wealth to its rightful, quote, unquote, rightful owners. And that means that he believes the people who have wealth have stolen it from those who have no wealth. It's been unfairly achieved and accrued, and it's his job to take it and redistribute it. And that's what he means by sacrifice. When he talks about sacrifice, he's talking about raising your taxes, taking away your assets, and giving them to other people he thinks you stole them from who are thus more deserving. If you'll just be open to admit it, you can see it practically every day in his policy pronouncements.

So just friggin relax and discuss things as if it were just dems and reps differing in opinion on perfectly sane and reasonable ideas.

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