Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hollywood today, as is apparent to even the most casual observer, is becoming more and more a propaganda arm of the far left. Celebrities are constantly running around, praising dictators and taking their talking points from the Obamunist Regime. What is less obvious to some, is that the content of their films are increasingly being loaded with sly promotions of specific policy positions coming from the white house. Case in point:

NBC’s “Law and Order” is in its 20th season. The economy is weak, so they have devolved to converting White House talking points into weekly shows. Last week, “Doped” was a farcical equivalent of “Damien Thorn meets Karen Silkwood.” Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors are worse than drug cartels. The killers in the previous week’s episode on such cartels were more sympathetic than the health professionals. (read the rest at Big Hollywood)

To be fair, movies have been used in the past to promote things, like the war effort during WWII. But never like this, and never so prevalently.

Gimmee a Thin Man movie or an exploration of love and the human condition such as "Now, Voyager" any day. I don't need a post-modern remake of GI Joe as an soldier for the "citizens of the world".

I sure as hell don't need mind control. That's what the re-education camps planned by The Obamunist's co-worker and pal Bill Ayers will be for....well, at least for those not so resistant to the Glorious Revolution that they would have to be "eliminated."

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