Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Japanese are so embarrassed and horrified that at least one paper won't print pictures of it.

the “highest respectful bow” (saikeirei), which is executed from a position of standing straight upward, and then bending 45-degrees or more. “Respectful bow” is at 30-to-40 degrees, and everyday “eshaku” around 15-degrees.

“Saikeirei” is not seen on a regular basis, but is used in order to offer an apology, or when one is extremely grateful for something received, as well as performed before the altar of Shinto shrines and Bhuddist temples.... And, shaking a hand while performing a bow will be seen as subservient (”servile”, “supple”, “mean”), and is not to be done. (via Gateway Pundit)

So the one's performance said "I am deeply sorry" and "I'm your bitch."

I thought he was just supposed to say those things to Marxist Dictators and the leaders of Jihadist States. I'm so confused....

At home, he labels any opposition as enemies of the state, acts like a thug, works tirelessly to destroy the economy and destroy the Constitution.

Overseas he crawls around begging forgiveness.

It all comes down, yet again, to those defining words of his self-professed "spiritual mentor":
"Goddamn America".

Now I get it!

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